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Vertex and Mammoth Biosciences Announce Collaboration

Vertex to use Mammoths proprietary ultra-small CRISPR systems to discover and develop novel in vivo gene-editing therapies.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated and Mammoth Biosciences, a biotech company building the next generation of CRISPR products to cure and detect disease, today announced a new partnership to develop in vivo gene-editing therapies for two genetic diseases using Mammoth’s next-generation CRISPR systems.

“We believe our novel ultra-small CRISPR systems have the potential to be game changers when it comes to systemic and targeted delivery of in vivo gene-editing therapies,” said Peter Nell, Chief Business Officer and Head of Therapeutic Strategy at Mammoth Biosciences. “The combination of Mammoth’s unique technology with Vertex’s unmatched experience in serious disease research and development will only accelerate programs with the goal of reaching patients with high unmet medical need.”

Driven by its unique protein discovery engine, Mammoth’s CRISPR platform consists of a proprietary toolbox of novel, ultracompact Cas enzymes, including Cas14 and Cas?. The small size of these Mammoth systems, together with further optimized parameters, have the potential to facilitate advanced delivery, which may increase the scope of in vivo gene-editing for genetic diseases.

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“Vertex and Mammoth share the same commitment to developing therapies that have the potential to be transformative for people with serious diseases,” said David Altshuler, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of Vertex Pharmaceuticals. “We look forward to expanding our cell and genetic therapies capabilities with the addition of Mammoth’s ultra-small CRISPR systems for in vivo genome editing, which will provide us with another set of tools to tackle many of the diseases we’re interested in.”

About the Collaboration
Under the terms of the agreement, Mammoth Biosciences will receive upfront payments of $41 million, including an investment in the form of a convertible note, and is eligible to receive up to $650 million in potential future payments based upon the successful achievement of prespecified research, development and commercial milestones across two potential programs. In addition, Vertex will pay tiered royalties on future net sales on any products that may result from this collaboration.

Source: Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Date: Oct 26, 2021

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